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Vintage and Today's Lifestyles

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Christina Howard


Editor: Christina Howard


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CVH 1st Class Magazine

Welcome to our International Humanitarian Family magazine. We bring you a a variety of interesting coverage of people from around the world, who are making a difference in life.

These inspirational stories, of many who have overcome great obstacles in their lives, and have persevered to succeed. Bringing great hope that impossible dreams can come true.













To those of you who are new readers, we are a non profit group based in Cheshire, England. Founded by our Editor in Chief Christina V Howard. Our correspondents are worldwide, and have been especially chosen for their caring natures. Their ability to more than just report, but to genuinely care, respecting all we interview. We cover no gossip, no politics and no religion.  

We cover a variety of Today’s Lifestyles, from Celebrities, Real People, Classic Cars, Technology, Health, Entertainment , Cookery, Fashion, Beauty, Pets. Readers heart warming stories and more.

We thank you for reading us and we send you all our best wishes. 

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