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Christina Howard


Editor: Christina Howard

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CVH 1st Class Awards

The CVH 1st Class Group decided to do an event. Renowned for their charity work, the founder Christina asked them all to choose a charity they would like to support.  Each member chose one, but said that Christina should make the final decision.

Christina told them that she would like it to be the Alzheimer’s Society  She had watched her dad 'fade away' after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.







The Group all agreed and said they would organise an event as a tribute to all who suffer from Alzheimer’s and also to give a big thank you to their carers.


Oaklands Hall in Hyde was the venue and it would be a talent and personality contest. The trophies were sponsored by The Rotary Club of Hyde and The Rotary Club of Dukinfield & Stalybridge.  The Mayor Cllr Dawson Lane attended this event.


Helen Cannell from the Alzheimer’s Society gave a very moving speech on work of the Society

The Star entertainer was Billy Porter who is a  popular, local artist

The Judges interviewed each contestant, they were all unique characters. Read in our Issue Two the Judges comments and audiences reactions.